Atlantic bubble booms with travellers, Experts concerned with incoming flu season, Sex workers demand consideration during COVID

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro

Reporter: Shanellie Marie 



Atlantic bubble booms with travellers

The so-called Atlantic Bubble rules have arrived, allowing people in the eastern provinces to travel freely throughout the region without self-isolating. 

Travel has been heavy across provincial borders, with reports of extended wait times between checkpoints. 

But, since the travelling restrictions lifted, PEI has reported three new cases, the first cases of infection since late april. 


Experts concerned with incoming flu season

In other coronavirus news, 

Quebec health authorities have ordered 400 thousand extra flu vaccines to combat a potential collision between Covid and Influenza. 

Experts say they’re nervous the flu season could crowd much needed hospital space. 

People with compromised immune systems could face even higher risks of infection as the Coronavirus continues to smoulder through the city. 


Sex workers demand consideration during COVID

In our final story,

Sex work advocates are calling on the governement to put a moratorium on prostitution laws during the pandemic. 

They say sex work is exempt from other labour protocols put in place because of the coronavirus.

This includes access to personal protective equipment, and eligibility for CERB.