Ateteken Street, First Nations Emergency Vote, Dallas Tornado

Voice Harley Martin

Stories Evan Linsday & Luca Caruso-Moro





Amherst Street has officially been renamed to Ateteken Street.

Amherst Street was named after British general Jeffrey Amherst who advocated to kill Indigenous people by distributing blankets carrying smallpox. 

Ateteken translates to the concept of togetherness and partnership in the Mohawk language.


The NDP are placing a request for special ballots this week to allow nearly 6 thousand displaced First Nations people to vote after a devastating Manitoba snowstorm.

The storm disabled several utility poles and caused power outages across the southern Winnipeg area forcing the relocation of many First Nations people affected to hotels and emergency shelters.

Megan Atkinson, the NDP’s lawyer sent a letter to Elections Canada last Friday requesting they utilize their ability to adapt voting procedures in a state of emergency.


Tens of thousands were left without power after a tornado ripped through Dallas, Texas early Monday morning. 

There have been no reported deaths, however state officials say several residents have been hospitalized.