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Caleche drivers and anti-caleche protesters clashed during a Saturday morning memorial event held for four horses that died on the streets of Montreal.


According to CTV News, the protesters were met with angry rebuttal from caleche drivers who says there is no animal cruelty happening in the industry.


The city of Montreal announced the horse-drawn carriage will be banned by the end of 2019. But anti-caleche protesters want the city to fastback that date.



An Indigenous community in Alberta has issued a public warning concerning the rampant surge of overdoses.


The Blood Tribe community in southern Alberta has had 22 overdoses in a span of 48-hours. The recent spike is believed to be caused by carfentanil, a drug that is roughly 100 times more potent than fentanyl.


Kyle Melting Tallow, chief of the Blood Tribe Police Service told CTV NEWS that officers have been working around the clock and coming in on their days off to help out with the cause.


The Blood Tribe is asking for help from the provincial and federal governments, and are hoping to open up a safe consumption area and a withdrawal management site in the near future.



Activists gathered in a huge demonstration on Saturday morning in London to protest the government's inaction towards climate change. 


According to the Evening Standard, more than 1,000 activists blocked roads around Parliament Square as they marched with a coffin that they said represented the future of life on the planet.


Extinction Rebellion, the group that staged the demonstration said the purpose of the event was to draw government’s attention to pollution and climate change.