Amherst St. Renamed, Controversial Convocation Speech, MH17 Suspects Identified

Ahmad Moujtahed




The city of Montreal is set to rename the street which carries the name of Jeffery Amherst; a former English military commander whose desire was to exterminate the race of Indigenous People by giving them blankets infected with smallpox.

Amherst Street, the street that runs from the city’s Old Port to Lafontaine Park, will be renamed in honour of an Indeginous person.

A committee composed of Indigenous people has been considering several Indigenous figures to name the street after. The committee will reveal their selection on June 21st, which is National Indigenous People's Day

According to CTV news, several names have been already suggested, including Huron Chief Kondiaronk; a key figure in the 1701 treaty called the Great Peace of Montreal.



This was music composer and pianist Stephan Moccio addressing graduating students and their families at Western University’s 313th convocation in London, Ontario.

His speech sparked controversy as many people thought it was offensive and demeaning towards women.

Moccio not only referenced his arrival in London in the early 90s that caught some off-guard, but he also recited a song largely seen as degrading to the woman of Delaware Hall, an all-female residence.

Western University has apologized for what it called unacceptable and inappropriate remarks made at a convocation ceremony. Moccio also released a statement posted on the university’s website apologizing for his comments that he called “inappropriate.”



Four people were charged with causing the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the passenger flight which was shot down over eastern Ukraine in 2014 as it was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. .  

According to investigators, three Russians and a Ukrainian have been charged with bringing a missile into the plane murdering 298 passengers and crew.

ControInternational arrest warrants have been issued for the four suspects and a court case will begin in the Netherlands in March 2020.