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Maybe it’s the holiday spirit, or maybe it’s the CAQ government’s way of attracting good press, but Finance Minister Éric Girard is set to announce a new plan to strengthen Quebec’s family allowance on Monday.  


According to the Montreal Gazette, the increase will phased in over four years.  


The allowance will allow the second and third-born child to receive the same allowance as the first born. This change was one of the major promises of the CAQ’s campaign.


The update is also expected to include fiscal measures to help seniors and the daycare system.



A Thunder Bay police officer was captured on video slapping and screaming at an Indigenous teen girl while she was strapped down in a gurney.


In the 21-second video, the officer can be heard telling the girl not to resist, and that they’re only taking her to the hospital.


According to APTN News, the paramedics were called to a party at 6pm for a medical emergency.


In a press release by the Nishnawbe Aski Nation, Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler said, “We are outraged by the actions of the officer depicted in this video. We do not know all of the details that led to this incident, but there is simply no justification for such violent and callous treatment of a youth in a defenseless position.”


The NAN press release also mentioned the Thunder Bay police are investigating the incident.




Charred cars, broken glasses and graffiti engulfed the city of Paris on Saturday as demonstrators protested against tax raises for the third weekend in a row.


Rabah Mendez, a protester who participated in the demonstration said, ”It's difficult to reach the end of the month. People work and pay a lot of taxes and we are fed up.”


According to the Associated Press, the grassroots protest began on November 17th with motorists marching against the fuel tax hike but it grew to include the larger Parisian population protesting against the high living costs and taxes.  


The riot has resulted in approximately 133 injuries, and hundreds of arrests.


But for now, it remains unknown whether or not the French government will take the demands of the ordinary people to heart.