Alberta wildfires, Canadian garbage, Concordia tuition hike

Voiced by Allison O’Reilly

Stories by Luca Caruso-Moro





CHRISTIE TUCKER “the last 24 hours have been an extremely challenging time for firefighters in Alberta.”

That’s Christie Tucker of Alberta Wildfire.

Over ten thousand people have been evacuated as over 9 wildfires sweep across large areas of Alberta.

The situation has been classified as a level 4 emergency, compelling all provincial government departments to aid in relief.

Residents near the area have been advised to stay on high alert, and to be ready to evacuate within 8 hours notice.


Large shipments of garbage are being returned to Canada from the Philippines.

It’s the next step in an unfolding story of years of exported illegal Canadian waste labelled as recycling.

This shipment is costing Ottawa over one million dollars.

But, costs to taxpayers could grow as more countries are coming forward accusing Canada of illegally shipping waste to their shores.