The 12th Annual Diego Award Nominees

It's the end of another academic year, and that means: THE DIEGO AWARDS!

Named after a volunteer who sadly left the station to pursue their dreams (we miss you, Diego Ferro!), the CJLO Diegos is an annual awards ceremony created to celebrate a year of hard work and quality programming that our amazing DJs and Volunteers put into CJLO day after day. So let's celebrate their dedication and tireless effort in making CJLO 1690 AM a quality radio station, and also celebrate independent media and community radio at large.


Aaaaaaand the nominees are...


The MAPL Award
...for top Canadian Content supporter (that isn't a show dedicated to CanCon, such as Champions of the Local Scene).

Noisy Loft
World Beat News
Burnt Offerings
Sewer Spewer
The Groove Master's Hour


The CBC 3 Award
...for Top NewCon supporter (excluding Charts & Crafts)

Impossible Music
The Commonwealth Conundrum Show
Noisy Loft
Sublime State of Doom
Dirty Work


The Keener Award
...for Excellence in Volunteer Commitment

Remi Caron-Liss
Saturn De Los Angeles
Emeline Vidal
Patricia Petit Liang
Phil Aveline
Jocelyn Beaudet


The Absolutely Fabulous PR Award
...for constantly repping your show, the station, and consistently taking initiative in organizing and promoting events with CJLO

Chubby Nnebe
Krystal & Camille St. John
Raphael McKenzie
The Starting Rotation team
Patricia Petit Liang


The Fox News Award
...for Excellence in Journalism

Patricia Petit Liang
Emeline Vidal
Sam Obrand
Pauline Nesbit
Julia Bryant


The Lester Bangs Award
...for Excellence in Music Journalism

Fredy Iuni
Krystal St. John
Sean Zumbusch
Matt Leitman


The ACE Award
...for Excellence in Online Journalism

Remi Caron-Liss
Danilo Bulatovic
Patricia Petit Liang
Krystal St. John
DJ Spacepirate


The Wayne and Schuster Award
...for Best Team (that hosts a show)

Paul & Ian (The Go-Go Radio Magic Show)
Krystal & Camille (The Trend)
Rebecca & Danny (The Commonwealth Conundrum Show)
Remi & Danny (At the Movies)
Amrew & Jay (The Limelight)


The CJLOL Award
...for Funniest Show

Fatal Attraction
The Commonwealth Conundrum Show
Starting Rotation
New Media & Politics 2.0


The Ol' Gil Award
...for Most Underrated Show

Brave New Jams
Gospel Unlimited
At the Movies
Colours That Can't Be Seen
The Commonwealth Conundrum Show


The Welcome to the Jungle Award
...for Best New Show

Slax Trax
Sewer Spewer
Computer Sourire
Electric Café
Diggin' in the Crates
The Trend


The CBC Award
...for On-Air Professionalism

Julian McKenzie (The Starting Rotation)
Alex Viger-Collins (Ashes to Ashes)
Matt Leitman (Radio Fun)
Zack Slax (Slax Trax)
Erica Bridgeman (The F Hole)
Fredy Iuni (Hiway 1)


The Maury Povich Award
...for Best Talk Show

The Trend
Fatal Attraction
The Starting Rotation
Cinema Smackdown
New Media & Politics 2.0


The Lucky Dube Award
...for Best World Show

Live Wire
More Fyah
Anatomy of Caribbean Music
Beat the World
Caribbean Callaloo


The Niche Award
...for Best Specialty Show

The F Hole
Colours That Can't Be Seen
At the Movies
Yonic Youth
Shibuya Crossing


The Richard D. James Award
...for Best RPM Show

Waves of Honey
Computer Sourire
The Machine Stops
Vibe Room


The Yank Crime Award
...for Best Rock Show

Slax Trax
The Go-Go Radio Magic Show
Behind the Counter
Dirty Work
Sewer Spewer


The Bad News Brown Award
...for Best Hip Hop Show

Diggin' in the Crates
The Limelight
Something for the Radio


The Lemmy Kilmister Smelt Your Face Award
...for Best Metal Show

Burnt Offerings
Noisy Loft
Sublime State of Doom
Turn on the Darkness
Into the Coven


The Rob Fleming Award
...for Best Mix Tape

Remi Caron-Liss,"An Ode to the Sun"
Chris Noel "Au Revoir Montréal"


Good Luck to All Our Nominees!