Past Tense

AIRS ON: Mondays // 10 PM - 11 PM

slowcore // post-hardcore // post-punk // math rock // noise rock // shoegaze // emo // etc.

Music punctuated by rambling; an hour that is:

Melancholic or bright.

Laid back or anxious.

Abrasive or pretty.


Also on CILU at 9PM Mon and CFRC at 9PM Wed.


Latest playlist (May 16, 2024):

[artist] [album] [song]
The Raymond Brake Never Work Ever Skinful
The Wicked Farleys Sentinel and Enterprise Props
Archers of Loaf Icky Mettle Toast
Mock Orange Nines and Sixes Goodnight Raddick
Museums Sink Your Teeth In My Brain Fieldfare
Museums Sink Your Teeth n My Brain Sink Your Teeth
deathcrash Sundown (A Collection of Home Recordings Sclarb
Have a Nice Life Voids II Basic
Shellac The Rude Gesture (A Pictorial History) Billiar Player Song
Bluffing People Pleaser People Pleaser
Taupe Demo Open Season
Deliluh Beneath the Floors Beneath the Floors




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