Tonight on Champions of the Local Scene @ 6pm: Sugarface Nene chats with Marc-Antoine Bilodeau

Champions of the Local Scene spotlights artist Marc-Antoine Bilodeau, a 29-year-old resident from the south-shore of Montreal. Multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who, at the age of 12, started playing drums and piano after hearing Phil Collins and Tony Banks' album A Trick of the Tail. Marc-Antoine has a music-concentrated academic background and has won many top-position competitions including winning best singer at "Emergenza" worldwide amateur contest in 2015.

Having been involved in many bands of all genres and founding alternative rock band "Dr.Raspberry" with his friend in 2009, Marc-Antoine is now working on his solo projects. Inspired by Frank Zappa's eclectic essence, Marc-Antoine plans on building an electronic-organic group that will execute his "hardest compositions" to date. He is currently unsigned and ready to expand his career.

Tune in at 6pm, to hear Beat the World's Sugarface Nene's profile of Marc-Antoine Bilodeau.