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By Karl Knox

Citizens protested racism and hatred in Parc-Extension on Saturday,

According to CBC News, someone had displayed a Nazi flag in Parc-Extension earlier last week.

The protest was organized by the Parc-Ex Action Squad and described as "a festive, family-friendly and determined demonstration in opposition to racism and fascism."

People spoke out against white supremacy in English, French, Arabic and Tamil.

This event comes in the wake of the recent revelation that a prominent Neo-Nazi figure linked to five racially-motivated murders is currently living in Rosemont and working as an IT consultant in the city.


By Patricia Petit Liang

Residents and merchants from Montreal's Chinatown are speaking out against the city's plan to install a public toilet in Sun Yat Sen Park.

According to CBC News, the park, which is used for community gatherings, sacred ceremonial events and tourism, is now blocked by metal fences and gravel.

Locals say they were never consulted about the decision before the city began demolishing parts of the park.

The city has not stated when the space will be accessible again.

The park is an iconic site for Asian Montrealers and is a regular meetup for seniors to practice Tai Chi.


By Patricia Petit Liang

At least 17 people were killed and 37 others were wounded in an explosion at a mosque in the Afghan province of Khost on Sunday.

According to BBC News, this mosque was also being used as a voter registration centre, just like the centre in which more than 57 people were killed at on April 22nd.

No group has claimed responsibility for this attack but the IS and Taliban are threatening citizens not to take part in the elections.

Seven Indian engineers and their Afghan driver were also kidnapped by the Taliban on Sunday morning.