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By Patricia Petit Liang

Quebec's minimum wage will increase by 75 cents an hour on May 1st.

According to CTV News, nearly 353, 000 workers, mostly women, will soon earn $12 an hour.

Ontario's minimum wage is $14 an hour and Alberta's is $15.


By Karl Knox

A vigil was held for the victims of last week's deadly van attack in Toronto on Sunday.

According to CBC News, the vigil was preceded by a public march down Yonge Street with thousands in attendance.

The vigil was co-organized by the City of Toronto and community groups including the Toronto Area Interfaith Council as well as Rabbis, Christian clergy, an imam and a Buddhist monk who were among those who spoke on behalf of the victims.


By Patricia Petit Liang

More than 300, 000 people have been protesting in Spain since Thursday after five men were found guilty of sexual abuse instead of rape.

According to BBC News, the men, who refer to themselves as "The Wolf Pack", recorded themselves assaulting an 18 year old woman at the city of Pamplona's bull-running festival.

Many believe that the verdict was too lenient, and Spanish law differs sexual abuse from rape if it involves violence or intimidation.

The Spanish government claims that it will review its classification of sexual offences.