Sparkling Introspection

AIRS ON: Thursdays // 10 PM - 11 PM
HOSTED BY: erdenebatzorig + krystina


Helmed by two powerful women, Sparkling Introspection will dig deep into issues concerning, involving and confusing women these days. 

Every week, we will be bringing new topics of discussion to give our honest opinions, and air out a little dirty laundry. 


So who are these powerful women?

Erdene is a gorgeous superstar diva who is tired of reading and listening to same stories about old white men. Also known as, Golden Dragon, she will be bringing some spanking new topics that are a little quirky, and a little of out the box. 

Krystina a.k.a the Golden Tigress, is a j-school grad with a big personality and an even bigger booty! She is the unfiltered voice of the show, and will be discussing the things Erdene is too shy to say out loud. She is all-about sexual liberation and a good lingerie!


If you have suggestions, or topics that you want us to cover, drop us a msg or an email!

I hope you have a lot of fun tuning in, and sharing your Thursday night with us! <3