Past Tense

AIRS ON: Mondays // 10 PM - 11 PM

slowcore // post-hardcore // post-punk // math rock // noise rock // shoegaze // emo // etc.

Music punctuated by rambling; an hour that is:

Melancholic or bright.

Laid back or anxious.

Abrasive or pretty.


Also on CILU at 9PM Mon and CFRC at 9PM Wed.


Latest playlist (May 27, 2024, #147):

[artist] [album] [song]
Meneguar I Was Born At Night House Of Cats
NORTH of AMERICA Brothers, Sisters Oh My God, Oh My God, Everybody, Oh My God
Vitreous Humor Posthumous Sharin' Stone
Pee Now! More Charm & More Tender Bruce's Big Star
Options Driftwood Metaphor Daylight
oldstar oldstar glass
Cumulonimbus, Nuage rose Cumulonimbus, Nuage rose ... pis j'finis pas d'atterrir (feat. ncl)
Bluffing People Please Fragile Ego
Taupe Demo Sundry
Stucco ep1 Megaphone Mouth
Deliluh Beneath The Floor Via 5A
Weed Deserve Gun Shy
Plainclothes Dog Logic Crouton Cracker Jacks
Best Witches Jail Cubby
Pinback This Is a Pinback CD Loro




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