AIRS ON: Wednesdays // 12 PM - 1 PM
HOSTED BY: Prince Rara

High energy and hot flavoured - Prince Rara's dropping MTL Hip Hop, Trap, South African House, Amapiano, Afrobeat, Dancehall, UK Garage, Lo-Fi House and exciting talk. You will be thrown into a whirlwind where you can’t stop moving and you can't stop listening.

As a kid growing up watching Geraldo, Jenny Jones, Ricky Lake then Jerry Springer – I always loved talk shows and had that urge to be a presenter. Throughout the years I have volunteered in many studios from breakfast TV and community radio.  I want to continue and build this passion for presenting whilst also connecting the Montreal community which is thriving with creative people! So here I am.

Got something hot you want me to play? Each segment offers something special - from the top we will always celebrate Montreal’s music scene, I'm playing you what’s hot in the MTL.  

Love throwing a bit of shade? Let’s find out what’s "tea" in the second half of the show, with "Shade Seg" and talk about things that don't sit right, whether it be hot trending topics or news.

Africa for EVER! Mostly dedicated to Afro beat, Dancehall, Kwaito and Amapiano here is what you've been waiting for all day!

It's an hour you won't want to miss!


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