Past Tense

AIRS ON: Mondays // 10 PM - 11 PM

slowcore // post-hardcore // post-punk // math rock // noise rock // shoegaze // emo // etc.

Music punctuated by rambling; an hour that is:

Melancholic or bright.

Laid back or anxious.

Abrasive or pretty.


Also on CILU at 9PM Mon and CFRC at 9PM Wed.


Latest playlist (June 17, 2024, #148):

[artist] [album] [song]
Enablers End Note And Last Night?
Deliluh Fault Lines Body And Soul
Horse Jumper of Love Horse Jumper of Love I Want to Paint Horses... And to Have a Horse
deathcrash Sundown (A Collectionf of Home Recordings) Hydraulic Jump
attic abasement Swim Through the Dirt Words Can Keep Their Meaning
Jordaan Mason the decline of stupid fucking western civilization pharmacy
Tear Jerks Tear Jerks he said, she said
Red Stars Theory Life in a Bubble Can Be Beautiful Boring Ghosts
Aidan Baker Green & Cold Merger
Monopot Taran EP Super Abundance
The For Carnation The For Carnation Snoother
Exhaust Grenadilla Splinters Doing 60 in a 100 zone
Picastro Exit From Come the Speak




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