Tonight @ 6pm on Champions of the Local Scene- Rap Battle 4 Gender Freedom w/ Lucas Charlie Rose

Tonight at 6pm on Champions of the Local Scene- we preview Rap Battle 4 Gender Freedom, happening this Saturday at Reggie's (1455 de Maisonneuve W.). Lucas Charlie Rose, a QTPOC multidisciplinary Hip Hop artist who is very active in the trans and anti-racist activist scenes, will come by to tell us more about the event (which is the 5th in a series of Rap Battles for Social Justice.) 

"The Rap Battle 4 Gender Freedom is a space where rap and spoken word artists who are trans people of colour, femme-identified people, as well queer and some cis allies will rap and speak about gender issues. Since gender oppression is prevalent in most communities, gender freedom represents the release from the shackles and the violence of the gender binary."

Performers include Lucas Charlie Rose, Strange Froots, Marshia Celina, Hua Li, Moe Clark, and Tshizimba, and Urban Science of the weekly #LECYPHER will bring their live hip hop jams. CJLO is stoked to co-present this event.

Tune in at 6pm, to hear tracks by performers and an interview with Lucas Charlie Rose.