CJLO FUNdrive 2015: Congrats to Raffle Winners/ Many Thanks to our Lovely Sponsors, Artists & Donors!

CJLO successfully put the FUN in FUNdraising this Fall- with the generous support of our community, campus and fabulous sponsors! We are still processing donations, but are happy to report that we have surpassed our goal and have raised $8500 for the station AND counting (it's not too late to donate if you haven't already!)! We couldn't have done this without all of our hard working volunteers and wonderful collaborators- Thanks to everyone that helped us with what was a monumental undertaking for the little station that could!

Huge thanks to our title sponsor Farnham Ale & Lager and to our raffle grand prize and premium prize sponsors VIA Rail Canada, Sennheiser, Farnham Ale & Lager, HTG Sports, Evenko, Resto Les 3 Brasseurs, Northern Smoke Studios and Warner Bros. Games and all our raffle sponsors: CMJ, RIDM, Cine Club Montreal, Igloofest, Blue Skies Turn Black, Pop Montreal, NXNE, Cat's Corner Swing Dancing, Le Gym @ Concordia, Cinema Politica, Le Frigo Vert, Le Phonopolis, Cadance Jazz & Pilates, Gymnase Apex, A/Maze Escape Game, Diablo Smokehouse Saloon, Kafein, Dejeuner Caraibes, Nouveau Palais, Ye Old Orchard Pub & Grill, Black Strap BBQ, Ma Poule Mouillée, Patisserie Bela Vista, Mango Bay, Le Vieux Velo, Second Cup, Longlife Clothing, Cinema du Parc, Salon Identité, Métropole Films, Adrenaline Tattoos, Cease & Desist Jewelry, The Syndicate, Warner Brothers Music, Prosthetic Records, Car Park, The Caribbean Curry House, Terrorbird, Slumberland, Metalblade, Co-Sign, Dale Speaking and Asher Media.

Special thanks to all of our event/venue partners: Bar Le Ritz PDB, Don Taco, Blue Skies Turn Black, The Caribbean Curry House, Mango Bay, Ye Old Orchard Pub & Grill, Turbo Haus, Theatre Ste Catherine & Sunday Night Improv Crew, Dischord Records, Le Bleury Bar à Vinyle, Unlog, Urban Science, The Aloof Hipster, Blue Dog Motel, Julie Paquet, The Hive, The Wheel Club and Nouveau Palais. Infinite thanks to all the artists who shared their talent with us: Li'l Andy, Moonshine Garage, Pointer's Crossing, Rusted, End of Gallia, Murtenscythe, Distorthead, CTZNSHP, No Aloha, Traces, Kaisha Lee, Strange Froots, Culturalex, Famelik, Engone Endong, DJ Noyl, Tehu, Urban Science, Redd Dredd, In the Name of Havoc, Look Vibrant, Feefawfum, NOBRO, Christ Diesel, Half Truth, Miss Isles, Silver Dapple, Chris Durning, Fleece, Jjanice+, Jilted X, B.A.B.E.D.U.D.E, Commander Clark, Boy Friends, Zakary Slax & The Guy Ferraris, TIBE, jamvvis, Hunter S. Compton, and Blasé. So much love to all the CJLO DJs and volunteers who made these events possible - you are CJLO!!

Curious about who won these amazing prizes? Here's the list for everyone's reference, and congratulations to all winners who have been contacted and are arranging prize pick-up! Until next year...Love The CJLO Team


CJLO FUNdrive Raffle Winners

Grand Prize: VIA Rail- Toronto Bound- 2 Business-class Round-trip tickets to Toronto, courtesy of VIA Rail! Includes meal + wine! Value: $1200 + 2 night stay for two at Toronto West Hotel, courtesy of HTG Sports, Value: $360 - winner: Angelica C

VIA Rail #2- Toronto Bound- 2 Business-class Round-trip tickets to Toronto, courtesy of VIA Rail! Includes meal + wine! Value: $1200 winner: Rose P

Premium Prize: Beer for a year from Farnham Ale & Lager (12 x 24 cases) Value: $750 winner: Sue S

Premium Prize: Sennheiser Headphones (HD 335s & Momentum), Value $250 each, winners: Cody J, Camille SJ, Tony C, Nat J, Jen C, Kyle W

Premium Prize: Acoustic Guitar (ftg City & Colour logo) courtesy of Dale Speaking Value $500 winner: Adam W

Premium Prize: DJ School w. Redd Dredd at Northen Smoke Studios Value $250 winner: Germano B

Premium Prize: CMJ Festival Pass 2016 Value $500 winner: Patrick C

Mega Prize: Evenko Prize Packs Value $150 each winners: Dominique S, Chris W, Tasha L, Tiffany T, Jason T

Mega Prize: RIDM Festival Pass for 2 Value $200 winner: Sandra S.

Mega Prize: Cine Club Film Society Season Pass for 2 Value $200 winner: Michel B

Mega Prize: NXNE 2016: Bracelets for 2 Value $140 winner: Sita

Mega Prize: Warner Bros Blu-ray DVD Pack Value $200 winner: Ana M

Mega Prize: Warner Bros Blu-ray DVD Pack Value $200 winner: Ana M

Mega Prize: Warner Wii U Game Pack: Value: $150 winner: Inskip R

Mega Prize: Warner Nintendo DS/3DS Game Pack: Value: $150 winner: Will M

Mega Prize: Warner Xbox 360 Game Pack: Value: $150 winner: Katie S

Mega Prize: Warner PS4 Game Pack: Value: $150 winner: Maria S

Mega Prize: Warner PS3 Game Pack: Value: $150 winner: Vince

Mega Prize: Cat's Corner Swing Dancing Lessons for Two (x2) Value: $140 each winner: Jason T & Erica B

Mega Prize: Igloofest: Festival Pass for 2016: Value: $120 winner: Dominique S.

Mega Prize: Le Gym Semester Pass: Value: $165 winner: Chris S.

Mega Prize: Blue Skies Turn Black Show Pack Value: $150 winner: Renata G

Mega Prize: Mystery Tattoo Gift Card Value: $125 winner: Rami N

Cinema Politica Prize Pack: Book: Screening Truth To Power, T-shirt, DVD. Value: $75 winner: Anya

Pop Montreal Prize: 2 tickets to Chilly Gonzales & Kaiser Quartett. Mon. February 8th 2016. Value $95 winner: Glenroy V

Cinema du Parc Prize: $75 Gift Card winner: Erica F

Phonopolis Record Store Gift Certificate Value: $50 winner: Evelyn R

Cadance Jazz & Pilates. Pilates for 2 for 1 month. (2x) Value: $85 winner: Rami N & Amrew W

Gymnase Apex- 5 week pass. Value: $75 winner: Dexter M

A/Maze Escape Game- Passes for 3. Value: $70 winner: Renata G

Diablo Smokehouse Saloon- BBQ for 2: Approx Value: $50 winner: Julia G

Kafein- Gift Certificates- Value $20 (x4) winners: Clea D, Vikes H, Julie S, Rami N

Dejeuner Caraibes- Dinner for 2: Approx value: $30 winner: Mike G

Le Frigo Vert- Medicinal Herb Basket: Value $75 winner: Natto

Black Strap BBQ- Gift Certificate: Value $30 winner: PJ L

Nouveau Palais – Gift Certificate: Value $25 x 4 winner: Joyce C, Julie S, Vince, Conrad

Ye Old Orchard Pub & Grill- $50 Gift Card- winner: Marine G

Ma Poule Mouillée- Dinner for 2: Approx value: $25 winner: Susan

Patisserie Bela Vista Gift Basket: Approx value: $50 winner: Ryan C

Mango Bay- Gift Certificate: $50- winner: Terry G

Le Vieux Velo: Brunch for 2: Approx value: $30 winner: Brian M

Second Cup Gift Basket- Approx value: $20 winner: Vivian T

3 Brasseurs $50 Gift Certificates- winners: Adam B, Tristan L, Jenna W, V. Polyzos, Rick G, Byer, Elvis, Rami N, Vivian T, Marine G, Steven B, Erica B, Rose P, Vince, Gina, Merle G, Shavonne S, Neil L, Redd D, Julie M, Stephen Y, Neil L, Amy

Longlife Shirt- Value: $40 winner: Jacinta D

Salon Identité Haircut w/ Julie- Value $50 – Ali G

Salon Identité Haircut w/ Dave Value $50 – Jen B

Adrenaline Tattoo Gift Card- $50 winner: Michael O

Cease & Desist Pendant- Value: $30 winner: Rami N

HTG Sports Smirnoff Swag Pack Value: $50 winner: Rami N

1 combo DVD + BLU RAY of EX MACHINA courtesy of Métropole Films- Value $25 winner: Andrew W

Métropole Films Ticket Prize Pack. Value $75 winner: Alex K

Eternal Husbands Prize Pack winner: Emily B

Syndicate Prize Pack- winner: Ryan C

Warner Bros. Music Prize Pack- winner: Kaspar K

Car Park Music Prize Pack- winner: Steven

Slumberland Music Prize Pack- winner: Erica B

Terrorbird Music Prize Pack- winner: Justine P

Metalblade Music Prize Pack- winner: Dean L

Asher Media Music Prize Pack- winner: Anthony J

Prosthetic Music Prize Pack- winner: Kent M

Co-Sign Prize Packs: Beuna Vista Social Club CDs (x4) winners: Vivian T, Jordan R, Adam B, Nat J

Thanks again to everyone who bought a ticket and congrats to our winners!

PHOTO: Alex Menjivar