The Quitter

The Quitter, written by Al Lafrance, directed by Sophie Croteau

In The Quitter, Al Lafrance, a local all-star Fringer and storyteller, invites you to learn a lesson about mini-golf, doughnuts, and quitting. If none of these things interest you, you're missing out.

Lafrance takes the audience through a perfectly paced, well written compact version of his life story. The fantastic lighting choices made by the shows director, Sophie Croteau, add an incredible amount of intimacy that meshes perfectly with Lafrance's compelling storytelling. Clearly Lafrance and Croteau spent a substantial amount of time rehearsing, and it totally pays off. We've all had to make the tough decision whether or not to quit on something or someone, and Lafrance makes a great case regarding how important saying "yes" to "no" can be.

After the show, he mentioned he will be touring with The Quitter across Canada to Fringe festivals as far as Vancouver, B.C. You can guarantee that by the end of his tour, he'll have a real masterpiece on his hands. I highly recommend you check this show out before the end of it's run here in Montreal.

The Quitter runs until Saturday, June 21 at Montreal Improv Theatre (3697 Saint-Laurent). Visit the Montreal Fringe Festival website for details and ticket info!

--Jacob Greco hosts Don't Mess This Up, Jacob every Thursday at 1:30-2:00PM on CJLO.